Mex$26 - Mex$660,000

location_on Madrid, España

Soy consultor y trabajo en Accenture España. Además, soy socia al 50% de una empresa de organización de eventos de reciente creación. Busco negocios s...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Estrategia empresarial

Mex$15,000 - Mex$584,000

location_on Oxford, Reino Unido

I am a highly skilled and expert engineer.

Ámbitos de Especialización

MSc. in Petroleum Engineering.

Mex$1,600,000 - Mex$80,021,000

location_on Burnside, Australia

Sophisticated Investor. Consultant for Stepping Stone Equity. MAICD and Angel. Southern Australian consultant to the Australian Small Scale Offerings...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Business Planning, Marketing Strategy, Busine...

Mex$298,000 - Mex$2,983,000

location_on bangalore, India

I have done my engineering in a premier institute. I would not only like to invest but would also like to participate actively in the business.

Ámbitos de Especialización

I have a technology background in the automot...

Mex$800,000 - Mex$3,201,000

location_on Glen Waverley , Australia

I owned and managed a highly successful import distribution business for 30 years. The business traded with all major & most up market retailers inclu...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Financial Support, Management Support, Opera...

Mex$292,000 - Mex$1,460,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

20 years telecoms industry experience in Africa (Wireless CDMA Network Investor and Consultant).

Ámbitos de Especialización

Looking for an active role.

Mex$132,000 - Mex$2,639,000

location_on Mauren, Liechtenstein

Mehrjährige Investment und Börsenerfahrung, umfangreiche Erfahrung in Immobilien und Unternehmens-Verwaltungsbereich, Unternehmensberatung, Markekt...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mex$264,000 - Mex$7,917,000

location_on Newport, Irlanda

I am a private investor and will look at any investment opportunity.

Ámbitos de Especialización

Telecommunications, ITIL, Cloud Computing, IT...

Mex$30,000 - Mex$1,492,000

location_on CHENNAI, India

I work in the financial services industry and tend to invest in the same industry.

Ámbitos de Especialización


Mex$26 - Mex$1,319,000

location_on Innsbruck, Austria

Investmenterfahrung: Teilhaber an Gerüstbauunternehmen, Rechtsform: GmbH. Mitbegründer eines Übersetzungsbüros, Rechtsform: EU. Beruflicher ...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mex$26 - Mex$7,917,000

location_on Kilbarry, Irlanda

Owner/Manager of Manufacturing & Distribution company in Waterford Ireland. Existing business is lighting sold to Architects. Interested in lighti...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Administration Financial Marketing Possibl...

Mex$584,000 - Mex$11,679,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Over 15 years of international project management experience in six different countries within Europe and Asia. Focus on public sector projects and pr...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Prince2, Agile and ITIL certified.

Mex$292,000 - Mex$14,599,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

A private investor who founded and lead a company that developed and marketed an enterprise software product used for trading and risk management in t...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Energy, electricity, gas, trading, risk manag...

Mex$264,000 - Mex$5,278,000

location_on Dublin, Irlanda

Private investor with entrepreneurial background. Not afraid to get hands dirty. 42 years old from Dublin, Ireland. Please contact me via email ini...

Ámbitos de Especialización

Mex$730,000 - Mex$2,920,000

location_on London, Reino Unido

Hi there, I am a serial investor with considerable private equity as well as start up experience.I have attended London Business School and have an MB...

Ámbitos de Especialización

We own a London based media company (with off...

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